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VOIP Phone & Equipment

Can you hear us now?

A big part of your business happens over the phone, through fax communications, streaming video, or video platform services like skype and in communication between devices such as printers, faxes and copiers. Transporting audio streams over IP networks is possible using special media delivery protocols that encode voice, audio, video with audio and video codecs which can optimize the media stream based on application requirements and network bandwidth. VoIP is available on many smartphones and internet access devices.

Let our trained staff show you how Voice Over IP (VoIP) not only can save you money but allow your staff to work more efficiently. With this new technology your employees can collaborate with each other around the world as if they were in the next office.

2000 Computer Solutions Inc. can help with:

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Voice Mail
Automated Attendant
Remote Office and Branches
PBX Systems
Remote Monitoring of Systems

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