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Cloud Computing

Sometimes it’s okay to have your head in the clouds.

The idea behind the cloud computing is centralizing IT infrastructure in order to maintain better control, cut costs, but more importantly leverage platforms that are usually designed for enterprise environments. Maintaining servers in strictly controlled data centers keeps data safe, while using limited desktops or thin clients to connect to applications running on hosted servers keeps maintenance and licensing costs down. This makes cloud services compelling.

Small Businesses usually do not have this option due to a lack of budget and in-house knowledge. They stick their server in a closet or maybe an empty cubicle somewhere out of the way and have no other option for their employees but expensive desktops that are hard to maintain and keep secure.

2000 Computer Solutions is able to implement cloud computing services designed to bring enterprise level services to the small business. Without having to build your own datacenter, or purchase any server hardware at all for that matter, these cloud services provide your business with near 100% availability, secure redundant servers, desktops that are fully managed and backed up and most importantly a stable platform for you to run your business on. All without the heavy up front capital expenses.

Cloud solutions offer many benefits, but it isn’t for everyone. Call today to speak to one of our technicians to see if the cloud is the place you need to be.

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Hosted email, and/or Exchange
Website Hosting
Increase Business Agility
Access to the latest Software, Applications and Web Services
Reduced Infrastructure Costs

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