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Butterfly Energy Consulting works in conjunction with a variety of service professionals who can perform energy audits, financial / cost savings analysis, and provide information on tax and rebate programs available for buildings. In addition, we are fluent in green technologies which will help building owners, management companies and facility managers better understand the opportunities they may take advantage of that support sustainability objectives.      

Butterfly Energy Consulting provides the following services to our clients:
• Review of existing energy (natural gas & electric) usage and bills

• Identify and report on energy usage trends

• Provide energy usage forecasting

• Building & facility energy audits

• Provide recommendations for purchasing energy through more cost effective means

• Fixed Rate and Variable Rate Plans

• Consolidated bill payment services for multiple buildings and locations

Butterfly Energy
Consulting is committed to offering better rates, better solutions and better service in an effort to help their residential and commercial clients save energy and save money. Our ultimate goal is to save money for our clients through detailed review of their energy consumption and on how they currently provide energy to their homes. We also help clients realize the ROI for solar conversions and can provide a step by step review of financing options.

We are experts in the evolving world of deregulated energy and understand the various methods available for procuring energy. For gas and electric, our energy plans include month-to-month, 6 through 60 month fixed, and NYMEX plus rate plans in order to meet the needs of our clients.

We help our clients by analyzing how they currently procure natural gas and electric through the utilities and third party suppliers. We then leverage our strong relationships and strategic alliances with the top US energy providers to secure the most competitive rates for natural gas and electric. By maintaining independent status and not being directly affiliated with any one supplier (we are not an ESCO), we are able to maintain a significant competitive advantage for our clients.

Butterfly Energy Consulting provides gas and electric and cost effective energy solutions for clients in the commercial, corporate and residential markets in Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Our clients benefit from our local presence, attention to detail and our dedication to pursuing the best rates for our clients.

With so many options for traditional energy and renewable or alternative sources, it is important to consider the financial impact of your energy choice.

Some clients recognize quick savings through our access to lower rates for gas and electric, other clients want to investigate the savings that they will realize by making the switch from oil to natural gas.

Environmentally sensitive clients that care about their energy consumption and saving money want more information on solar and renewable energy and to analyze the financing options and payback for this type of investment.

Our staff includes professionals in engineering, finance and energy to help you navigate and digest all of the available data when you are making a choice about the energy you use in commercial and residential spaces.

Butterfly Energy Consulting will be supporting and utilizing upcoming energy management technologies:
• Smart Meters
• Smart Grid
• ZigBee
• Z-Wave
• 6LowPan


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Our Mission

Butterfly Energy Consultants offers our customers a variety of energy cost saving products through careful analysis of each individual customers needs and their specific energy usage. We apply the highest level of customer service standards to ensure our clients are satisfied and will continue to utilize our products and services.

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