Butterfly Energy Consultants are proud to now offer electric as part of our service and supply packages. Competitively priced and top notch customer service enables our team to deliver our commercial and residential clients, energy solutions that make sense.
We offer commercial and residential customers an opportunity to switch away from the incumbent utility company at no cost, no risk and with no lengthy contracts. Our clients benefit by saving money.

Making a change is simple and the supplier information and rates will appear clearly on the monthly utility bill.

To best assess your electric and energy needs, our services include:
Energy usage review and assessment
Excellent, responsive customer service
Ongoing review of energy plans to meet your unique needs
Options for green energy
No Fees for switching suppliers

At Butterfly Energy Consultants, we promise to deliver results and guarantee that you will pay less for energy than you do now. Find out more by calling us today.
Interesting Facts About Electricity
• Fact 1 - Definition: Electricity is the flow of electrical power or charge. A phenomena resulting from the presence and flow of electric charge. Associated with stationary or moving electrons and protons. The directional movement of electrons, due to some imbalance of force, is what is known as electricity.
• Fact 2 - Electricity is also referred to as an energy carrier. We get electricity from the conversion of other sources of energy, such as coal, nuclear, or solar energy
• Fact 3 - An electron is an elementary particle with a negative charge. A Proton is an elementary particle with a positive charge
• Fact 4 - An electric charge originates in the atom, in which its most familiar carriers are the electron and proton
• Fact 5 - An electric charge may be transferred either by direct contact or by passing along a conducting material, such as a wire
• Fact 6 - Electric current is measured in amperes, and is defined as the rate at which electric charge travels through a conductor
• Fact 7 - Static electricity and electric current are two separate phenomena, both involving electric charge, and may occur simultaneously in the same object
• Fact 8 - force that causes the electrons to move in an electrical circuit is called the electromotive force, or EMF
• Fact 9 - There are many sources of EMF, the most common being batteries and electrical generators.
• Fact 10 - The word 'electricity' is derived from 'electron', the Greek word for amber, a yellow transparent substance, remarkable for its electrical power when rubbed
• Fact 11 - Electricity itself is neither renewable or non-renewable but the energy sources we use to make electricity can be renewable or non-renewable
• Fact 12 - Benjamin Franklin demonstrated that lightning is electricity. He tied a key to a kite string during a thunderstorm, and proved that static electricity and lightning were the same thing.
• Fact 13 - In 1879 Thomas Edison invented the first long-lasting incandescent light bulb that could be used for about 40 hours without burning out. By 1880, his bulbs could be used for 1,200 hours.
• Fact 14 - In 1826 Georg Ohm defined the relationship between power, voltage, current and resistance in Ohms Law
• Fact 15 - In 1844 Samuel Morse invented the electric telegraph, a machine that could send messages long distances across wires – see facts about morse code.


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