Welcome, writers! We appreciate your choice of ABH.
Please refer to the following guidelines during your submission process:

ABH Publishing Distinctives:

What ABH Offers:
•ABH desires authors of excellent character and proven ministry experience over mainstream popularity.
•ABH takes on the cost of publishing an approved author’s first three works.
•ABH allows authors to keep the copyrights to their own words.

What ABH Expects:

•ABH requires authors to uphold excellent writing standards as outlined in our coaching packet.
(Sign up for coaching packet below.)
•ABH asks authors to pay for at least one ABH-approved editor prior to submitting a manuscript.
•ABH expects authors to willingly receive coaching and suggested edits.


•As a first step, writers should send a query letter via e-mail briefly describing and outlining the proposed book. Please attach a short author bio and a sample chapter. (This article provides insight on writing a stellar query letter.)
•Submit query letter to info@abhbooks.com. One of our editors will respond within two weeks.
•A query letter must be typewritten and double-spaced on one single-sided page. The author’s name, address, email address, and telephone number must appear on the top left.

Proposal and References:

If ABH desires to move forward, please prepare for the following:
1.Submit a proposal. We recommend these resources to help craft a useful, attention-getting proposal: Fiction Book Proposal Tutorial and Nonfiction Book Proposal Tutorial.
2.Because ABH desires authors of excellent character and proven ministry experience, we require each author to seek the following references (Remind your references to clearly identify you, preferably in the subject line of their email):
   a.If married, a spouse’s letter which includes the following:
         •Approval to enter this publishing process
         •His or her evaluation of your character
        •His or her evaluation of your marriage
   b.2 personal references: non-family friends of 5+ years who will vouch for your character
   c.2 ministry references: colleagues or fellow volunteers in your church or parachurch ministry (whether you are employed or a volunteer)
   d.An email or letter from the professional editor whom you hired to edit your manuscript. We will work with you to select an ABH-approved editor.
3.Provide proof of participation in a writer’s group, a writer’s conference, or a mentor relationship with a published author or professional editor. Include the amount of time involved in these professional-building activities. We may waive this requirement for established authors.
4.Write your author bio both in long form (600 words) and short form (200 words). ABH will use these on book covers and promotional materials.
5.Write your personal faith-testimony (two pages or less).
6.Describe how your book can impact the world for Christ (approximately 100 words).

ABH’s Customer Service Department is open Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns at info@abhbooks.com.

c/o Women's Nonprofit Alliance
The Hope Center
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Please Note: We will address any requests sent after business hours during the next business day. ABH observes major holidays and our offices are closed during those times. Please allow a reasonable time for processing your request.

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