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Can you hear us now?

VoIP Phone Systems

Can you hear us now?

A VoIP phone system uses IT infrastructure (business data networks) to make and receive calls over the network versus using the traditional dial tone derived from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). From the audio signal of a call, small packets of data are digitized and then routed through the internet. The phones themselves look very much the same, but the technology and the features of the phone have significantly changed and grown.

Our VoIP systems offer a variety of benefits and functionality that businesses large and small can take advantage of including:

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Automatic Call Distribution
Operator Console & Auto Attendant
Call Forwarding & Screening
Do Not Disturb
Coaching Tools
Utilization & Call Detail Reporting
Follow-Me Dialing / Routing
Door Phone Entry Buzzer Integration
Music On Hold
Web Based Click To Talk

Let our trained staff show you how Voice Over IP (VoIP) not only can save you money but allow your staff to work more efficiently. With this new technology your employees can collaborate with each other around the world as if they were in the next office.

Contact us today to see if a VoIP solution is right for your business.

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