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Network Security

Keeping your data safe, secure and accessible to only the right people, at the right times.

Network Security

Keeping your data safe, secure and accessible to only the right people, at the right times.

The need for better data security is apparent in almost every organization. The demand for improved service access and quality has resulted in technologies leaving protected internal and external information being shared among employees, customers, alliances, and the public. The downside to this improved service access and quality is increased data exposures and vulnerabilities.

Security risks are constant and threaten the value of your investments. In order to proactively manage all of an organization’s security threats, security solutions must protect sensitive and critical assets from misuse, denial of service, and malicious acts.

At 2000 Computer Solutions we help create and manage policies to protect you. In addition, we ensure vulnerabilities within your company are identified, a remediation plan is in place, and comprehensive action is followed through to successfully secure valuable assets.

The benefits of having proper network security are many including:

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Security of Data & Storage
24/7, 365 Monitoring
Enterprise Level Security Solutions
Firewall Protection
Virus Protection
Maintain Internal Security Policies
Promote and Foster Safe Computing Practices

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